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No Solicitation

Spirit Pharmaceuticals prohibits the solicitation, distribution, and posting of materials on or at company property by any employee or non-employee, except as may be permitted by this policy. The sole exceptions to this policy are charitable and community activities supported by Spirit Pharmaceuticals and company-sponsored programs related to Spirit Pharmaceuticals products and services. All materials must be approved by Spirit Pharmaceuticals prior to posting.

Non-employees may not solicit employees or distribute literature of any kind on Spirit Pharmaceutical’s premises at any time. Employees may only admit non-employees to work areas with management approval or as part of a company-sponsored program. These visits should not disrupt workflow. The Spirit employee must accompany the non-employee at all times. Former employees are not permitted onto Spirit property except for official Spirit business.

Employees may not solicit other employees during work times, except in connection with a Spirit-approved or sponsored event.

Employees may not distribute literature of any kind during work times, or in any work area at any time, except in connection with a Spirit-sponsored event.

The posting of materials or electronic announcements are permitted with approval from Human Resources.

Violation of this policy should be reported to Human Resources immediately.

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