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In one sentence, how would you describe Spirit?

“The name [Spirit] itself has that feeling and spirit that gets you energetic to work from the bottom of your heart.”

– Mitra Joshi, Manager of Bulk Inventory & Bulk Procurement Coordinator

What day did you have the most fun at Spirit?

“Out of all the events we had, Garba Night because of all the dancing.”

– Jalay Raval, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Tell us about your favorite experience at Spirit.

“The parties! The monthly birthday parties and the occasional weekend events like the Annual Spirit Picnic & Cricket!”

–Sunny Gupta, Line Leader

What makes Spirit different?

“Everything! I think that it is the people here. It is really different from other places. That makes Spirit different.”

– Johanna Uceta, Receptionist

What does Spirit mean to you?

“Everything. I like the work and I have a homely relation with everyone here.”

– Vivek Patel, Packaging Operator

Why do you consider Spirit your second home?

“There is just a homely feeling when you come to Spirit.”

– Pinal Patel, Line Leader

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