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Spirit Pharmaceuticals continually reinvests in the company, adding talent, expanding facilities into additional locations, growing our portfolio offerings, and updating equipment in order to stay ahead of your growth and logistical demands.

We value the contributions of all our employees, business partners, and customers while meeting the needs of society in all manners possible. Spirit is committed to growing our mutual business in an ethical and sustainable manner, utilizing an integrated and innovative business approach. We promise to always remain one step ahead of our valued customers’ ever-increasing requirements and unique needs in every respect including our processes, products, and people (the “spirit” of change).


Our “Spirit” began in 1969 with our mentor company, Farmson Pharmaceutical Gujarat Pvt. Ltd., founded by the late Kalyan K Vithani. Mr. Vithani just so happened to be the dear Father of Priti Joshi and Father In Law to Ajoy Joshi (EVP and CEO of Spirit Pharmaceuticals, respectively).

Farmson remains one of the largest manufacturers of Paracetamol/Acetaminophen, the key ingredient of Panadol/Tylenol. Farmson distributes to GlaxoSmithKline, among numerous others, who produce Panadol, one of Europe’s largest National Brands.

Needless to say, the passion for pharmaceuticals quite literally rans in our blood. In 2003, Ajoy and Priti founded Spirit Pharmaceuticals, which was initially a distributor of pharmaceuticals located in Pennsylvania.

We also shared another luxury with dear Dad – success! We began selling API the following year, finished bulk products by 2006, and enjoyed consistent growth year after year thereafter.

Very soon, we were selling top brand and stand-alone softgels and by 2010 we were selling ANDA products.

Today, Spirit Pharmaceuticals innovates, develops, manufactures and distributes over 100 OTC products in a variety of dosage forms. We are specifically well respected for our first to market and exclusive (better-than-the-brand) product options and dependability on core commodity items. We are so honored to say that we are considered a leading supplier to the retail community. In addition, we have partnership deals with major Rx manufacturers for distribution, as well as other strategic initiatives which will strengthen our customer and product portfolio diversity.

Spirit Pharmaceuticals calls our FDA-approved facility in Ronkonkoma, NY, “home”. Our facility is over 65,000 square ft. We have the great fortune to employ over 150 team members. Most recently, we shared a Press Release that we have added a second shift to production to facilitate the substantial growth in our business.

Surely it’s our people who are the integral part of the Spirit which drives us. Our will to succeed, our character, our respect for our team and society – and even the fun we share making it happen – can all be attributed to the impeccable talent we have on board.


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