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Spirit Pharmaceuticals adds 2nd shift Production

Spirit Pharmaceuticals, a leading supplier and consistent Innovator of Private Brand OTC products (in the digestive, cough/cold/allergy, sleep, analgesic, and other categories) adds 2nd shift Production effective immediately due to rapidly growing distribution.
As promised to our Retail Partners, Spirit Pharmaceuticals will continually reinvest in the company and expand facilities, equipment and talent in order to stay ahead of our customers’ corporate goals and demands.
Ajoy Joshi, CEO of Spirit Pharmaceuticals, states “it gives the entire Spirit Team a keen sense of fulfillment to watch our company’s success, and that of our long-term, valued associates, as well as to anticipate the same for the many new hires this additional shift made possible”.
We value the contributions of all our employees, business partners, and customers while meeting the needs of society in all manners possible. Spirit is committed to growing our mutual business in an ethical and sustainable manner, utilizing an integrated and innovative business approach. We promise to always remain one step ahead of our valued customers’ ever-increasing requirements and unique needs in every respect including our processes, products and people (the “spirit” of change).

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