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Leading Private Brand OTC Innovation with Character and Heart


Welcome to our site! We are a leading Over the Counter Drug Company specializing in Private Store Brand.  We are a Prime Manufacturer, as well as Marketers and Distributors, supplying  a large array of the retailers in the drug/food and mass classes of trade.  We are best known for our Innovative products, the Competitive Edge we offer our customers and the friendly, reliable Service we guarantee to all of our Partners.


Spirit excels in both innovations throughout its rapidly growing portfolio of stand-alone products, as well as in the competitive edge necessary on commodity wellness products our ultimate consumers have come to depend upon. You can depend on something else too. We are going to keep surprising you. We are 150% committed to aggressive growth through new product categories, acquisitions, ANDAs and other thrills we have up our sleeves.


A retailers’ Brand is THE most important Brand on the shelf. It speaks to the consumer. It is a reflection of who the Retailer is. It is the retailers’ opportunity to Bond with their customer. So Spirit’s motto is – “let’s give them something to talk about”. Our aim is to entice and excite the ultimate consumers with products that shout out “hey!  Look at me!”. I’ve got something the National Brand hasn’t got. I’m unique.  I’m better. I’m a product with Spirit.


We are curious people who love to learn as well as to dream. We are constantly creating.  We view our roles at Spirit, as we do our relationships with others, with a great deal of respect and honor. We strive to exceed all of our customers expectations at all times. We are very busy. Days go by very fast around here. And you know what? We wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s the Spirit Way.
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